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Headshots that look like you and show what makes you unique

Studio, Location,

& Mixed Sessions

 create the looks you want

* pre-shoot phone consultation

* direction

* professionally created lighting

* 2.5-3 hours 

   (including wardrobe changes and any travel time to location)

...10 edited images $1495

Finishing Touches

a la Carte

make your best impression

...professional makeup service $150

...comp and headshot cards $62.50 (see Cards below) cards $120 (see Rep Cards below


* proofing contact sheet PDF

* perfect skin color

* cosmetic finishing as desired

(smoothing, eye pops, under-eye refresh, blemish removal, red skin reduction, teeth whitening, hair control)

* cropping

* print quality files

* option to extend your session time if needed


* Arrive makeup-ready if you are doing it yourself

* If purchasing makeup artistry service, plan for 1 extra hour

* Delivery of your photographs can vary between 1 to 5 days

* Photography and makeup service are pre-paid

* Be aware: if your clothing is wrinkled, you look wrinkled. Ironing takes time and is an additional $25 per garment 


8x10 and 5x7 sizes

* packs of 25 cards

* vertical or horizontal orientation

* designed for 1 to 5 photos

* personalized

* shipped direct to you

* digital version for your phone

sample 8x10 horizontal comp card

sample 8x10 horizontal comp card

8x10 headshot card

8x10 headshot card

Rep Cards

choose business 2"x3.5" or square 3"x3"

* box of 250

* eco-friendly heavy cardstock

* shipped direct to you

* digital version for your phone

2"x3.5" card

2"x3.5" card

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